The Audacity of Despair: David Simon Starts Crotchety Blog

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David Simon has never seemed like a very… bloggy person. Case in point:  the introductory post on his new blog spends a lot of time griping about the “e-race to the bottom” of online content:  “I have no desire to contribute to that new economy by writing for free in any format,” Simon says.

Except that it seems as though his recent mini-controversy with the New York Times made Simon realize the upside of having a blog:  namely, that it’s a great place to be bluntly unhappy on a regular basis. And so he quietly launched, a site with an appropriately dour color scheme and pessimistic sub-head:  “The Audacity of Despair.” It is everything you could’ve hoped for.

So far, Simon has posted on the death of Levon Helm (who was in talks to perform a cameo on Treme), Trayvon Martin, James Agee, and the Pulitzer Prize. The posts tend to be long, nuanced critiques of the sorts of things that Simon has a beef with (contemporary TV culture, contemporary newspaper culture…). The man has a lot to say, and he says it well.  But my favorite post so far was a little vignette he posted on Sunday, included here in its entirety:

Oh, Baltimore…
Returning to Baltimore this weekend, and the wife went down to the Royal Farms Store on Key Highway early on Saturday morning.  Two mallards were hanging by the store entrance, all twitchy and hopping, trying to blend with the pigeons.   They looked really nervous, like white kids trying to cop off a westside corner.

Nice to be home.

Nice to have you back, Mr. Simon.

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  1. that’s the funniest thing ever! i know those ducks at the farm store, and the comparison is perfect!!!

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