A Peek Inside Two Rodgers Forge Kitchens

The brick Rodgers Forge row homes may look similar from the exterior, but inside they can be very different. Variations in layouts exist in the homes both large and small, but they all originated with galley kitchens of varying sizes. There are many things that can be done to update the kitchens, the new trend being to knock down the wall between kitchen and dining room to create a more expansive flow and contemporary feel. We found two kitchens that have done that very thing, and done it well.

Kitchen #1: The Craftsman’s Kitchen

Buzz and Diane are constantly refining their impeccable middle group home in the Forge. Both of them have an amazing eye for detail, and Buzz can look at existing materials and craft brilliant new uses for them in his home.

“Buzz has a million ideas for every project, and I become the editor,” Diane says with a smile.

For their new kitchen, Buzz and Diane knew they wanted white cabinets, tile and marble. Constantly visiting Second Chance for ideas and materials, they happened upon a complete set of high-end kitchen cabinets with recessed doors, which is what they had been looking for. The only problem was that there were too many cabinets for what they needed. After a lot of measuring and some negotiation, Buzz was able to purchase just the part of the kitchen that they needed.  After some painting and customizing some of the doors to have glass rather than wood, the cabinets looked like they had been originally made to fit the space, rather then being found.

Rather than an island, the couple decided that they would keep the original footprint of the kitchen, and instead add a narrower isthmus coming off the exterior wall that acts as a breakfast bar and gathering place at parties. The top of the bar and corbel supports were also reclaimed pieces.

Kitchen #2: Large Enough for the Whole Family

Scott and Sylvia have actually lived in two Rodgers Forge residences. There current one is a five bedroom end of group that features bay windows in both the living and dining rooms. Over 12 years ago, when their house was filled with their 3 sons and all that that implies, they decided they needed a more family and entertaining friendly kitchen. They put their friend, interior designer Kim Jennings to work on a new layout. Click to read full article and see more gorgeous pics.