Feds Are Coming to Baltimore to Curb Homicide Rate

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Baltimore’s ongoing spike in violent crime has prompted what Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis is calling a “flipping of the script of sorts.” That is, 10 federal agents from a total of five different agencies are coming to the BPD’s homicide unit to try to clear more homicide cases, the Baltimore Sun reports.

A homicide investigation is considered “cleared” once a suspect is identified and arrested. Sometime in April, the Baltimore Police Department’s clearance rate was 53.7 percent. A statistic so dismal that Baltimore was the first city in the nation chosen to receive a federal grant specifically to improve investigations. Amid the recent uptick in violent crime, it’s dropped even further, to 36 percent.

The Sun reports that bringing in federal agents to work alongside homicide detectives is not the only change Davis is instituting. He has also reportedly reorganized personnel within the department to facilitate the sharing of information.




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