Fells Point Bar ‘Bad Decisions’ Installs the Region’s First Bitcoin ATM

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Bitcoin ATM
A Bitcoin ATM

The Fells Point bar Bad Decisions has the Baltimore region’s first bitcoin ATM. Before their Coin Outlet-brand ATM was installed Monday night, Baltimoreans would have had to travel to New York, North Carolina, or Ohio to find a machine that dispenses the anonymous and wildly fluctuating digital currency.

The ominously named Bad Decisions has been at the forefront of bitcoin for a while now, being one of the only establishments in the area that accepted the currency that is favored by money launderers, international drug dealers, and hit men.

Right now, one bitcoin is going for around $385. But you can break a bitcoin into 100 million pieces, so you can join in the crypto-currency fun no matter how little cash you’ve got.



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