Finding the Right Sport for Your Child

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The sports activity and clinic season is upon us, and it’s that time of year when many parents are faced with scheduling activities to keep their children busy and active during the afternoons and weekends.

Youth sports cover a wide range of activity and choosing the correct mix for a child is not a one-time event.

For some first-time parents selecting the right activities will be a process fraught with angst and indecision. Just remember, says JCC Sports Coordinator and Coach Wendell Lee, “There is NO single right way. There is no roadmap for your child or children. Activities that may be vital and sustaining for one child may seem restrictive and suffocating for another.”

The Associated recently caught up with Coach Lee:

What do you hope a child will gain through participation in youth sports? Here, the range of responses is wide open – from the parent who is focused on working towards a scholarship for their child to play a sport in college – to the parent who wants a fun and regular place for their child to exercise and develop a love for being active. At the youngest ages, determining what is the right sport can be the toughest question.

Most parents tend to steer their children towards the sports that they enjoyed during their childhood. This predisposition allows a parent to guide and assist the child with a modest degree of skill, knowledge, or expertise. The crucial and elusive factor is finding the right balance.

The trick is to be open and listen to each child as they will often tell you the direction that is of interest to them. Once you’ve considered your response to “what will my child gain through participation…”, the difficult process of finding the right program begins.

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By JCC Sports Coordinator and Coach Wendell Lee

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