First-Ever Otakon Music Fest Sure to Bring Nerds in Amazing Costumes to Baltimore

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You know how every summer, the Inner Harbor suddenly fills with people dressed as if they wished there was a way to actually live inside a video game? That’s thanks to Otakon, the anime/manga/video game/nerd conference that’s been held in Baltimore since 1999 — and which happened to pump $15 million into the local economy last year. No longer content to confine their fandom to a summer weekend, the folks behind Otakon have planned the first-ever Otakon Music Festival, which is set to descend on Baltimore the first weekend in November, and which will feature “Anime song supergroup JAM PROJECT.” Um, we pretty much can’t wait.
You may be wondering if JAM PROJECT (caps obligatory) is really a supergroup if you’ve never heard of them. Well, apparently they are “best known for performing the themes to the Super Robot Wars games, as well as many other theme songs including Sgt Frog, MazinKaiser, and Transformers: Animated.” So, in other words, if you’re not a 15 year old boy, you can forgive yourself for your ignorance. More Japan-pop-videogame-superstars will join, including “singer Faylan, who is best known for themes to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and CANAAN, and singer Natsuko Aso, whose credits include themes for Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts (1 & 2) and the live-action drama Negima! Magister Negi Magi.”

The show will take over Rams Head Live on November 3; tickets are $50, and VIP passes are another $60 on top of that. We hope you’re getting your outfit together, like, now.

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