First Signs of Medical Marijuana Industry Budding in Maryland

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medical marijuana revived in MarylandThe regulations are still being worked out that would legalize medical marijuana, but that’s not stopping folks who are interested in being a part of the new industry from getting into place. 

Regulations could be finalized by the state in the coming weeks. That doesn’t mean medical marijuana would be available immediately. But it could set up a fall signup period for the various licenses and permits required to grow or give out medical marijuana.

Under one of the proposed regulations, the state would hand out licenses for medical marijuana growers. There would only be 15 such licenses under the proposed regulations, prompting potential horticulturalists to get in line early. Washington County seems to be one of the areas showing early enthusiasm. According to the Hagerstown Herald-Mail, a company called Peake Relief brought a proposal to build a growing facility in Hagerstown. Along with an HVAC system to handle odors, company president Warren Lemley said he plans to hire a security guard to make sure none of the product ends up “on the street.” Another company called Green Thumb Industries is also planning to build a facility.

The medical cannabis itself will likely be dispensed through clinics. In Annapolis, a clinic called Greenway Consults announced its opening in July. Clinic officials said they are starting to see patients to begin the process of becoming medical marijuana patients. The clinic also plans to host public events to educate people about the “benefits of medical marijuana.”

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