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Hoping to halt cannabis industry outages, regulators disable automated patient-tracking tool for dispensaries

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As of this morning, the software company overseeing Maryland’s medical cannabis industry has temporarily disabled a tool that lets dispensaries automatically ensure patients aren’t purchasing more than their prescribed limit of marijuana.

Until the tool—known technically as an application programming interface (API)—is restored, retailers will need to manually type a patient’s identification number into a state database and check their purchase history to be sure they’re not selling someone more cannabis than what’s allowed.

General Assembly passes bill expanding state’s medical cannabis industry with 20 new licenses

Photo by Sam Sutch, via Wikimedia Commons

Maryland’s medical marijuana pipeline is set for growth—and hopefully, more equitable racial representation–following the Senate’s passage of a bill Monday that would create 20 new growing or processing licenses and update the business-application process to account for race.

Bill expanding medical cannabis licenses advances

Medical marijuana growing in Colorado

By Sean Whooley
Capital News Service

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — A bill that would expand Maryland’s medical cannabis industry to include more minority ownership, after more than a month in legislative limbo, is moving again in the General Assembly, with amendments.

City Lawmakers, Administrators to Discuss Baltimore’s Medical Pot Businesses at Hearing Today

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With 11 dispensaries set to arrive soon in the city limits, lawmakers thought it’d be worthwhile to let people know how they were picked, what neighborhood zoning codes allow and other details about how the state’s medical cannabis program is materializing in Baltimore.

Gov. Hogan Shakes Up State Cannabis Commission, Appoints Nine New Members

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Maryland’s newest cannabis commissioners include a pharmacist, a toxicologist, two physicians, the sheriff of Harford County and the state’s attorney for Frederick County, among others.

More Than 4,300 Marylanders Now Approved to Receive Medical Marijuana

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It’s taken more than three years, but as of today, thousands of Maryland residents are signed up to receive medical-grade cannabis to treat a range of conditions.

Hogan Orders Study of Minority Participation in Maryland’s Medical Weed Industry


After the General Assembly opted this session not to pass black lawmakers’ proposed mandates for more minority representation in Maryland’s medical cannabis industry, Gov. Larry Hogan today advanced their effort, directing his administration to conduct a “disparity study” of the regulated sector.