A Focus on Local Beer Kicks Natty Boh Out of Camden Yards

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Photo by Austin Kirk.

Having come of age in the Alanis Morrissette era, I am never whether I’m using the word “ironic” correctly. All I’ll say is this: there’s something very “ten-thousand-spoonsy” about this Camden Yards-Natty Boh saga.

The locally popular swill beer is Baltimore’s unofficial beverage. Yet a new focus on local brews has booted Natty Boh from Oriole Park’s beer roster. According to the Baltimore Sun, it’s unlikely to come back this season.

The president of the National Brewing Company (which originally produced Boh) was either part- or majority-owner of the Baltimore Orioles for the first 25 years of the team’s existence. The beer became the official sponsor of the Orioles in 1965 and began being sold at Memorial Stadium. The sponsorship, so Natty Boh’s website claims, “cemented its reputation as ‘official’ beer of Baltimore.” (How official could it be if it requires scare quotes?)

But the past is the past. While Mr. Boh’s distinctive face is still synonymous with Baltimore, the beer hasn’t been made locally for decades. And in 2016, there are several high-quality craft brands that are. But could the regionally brewed Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, or Dogfish Head ever become as iconic as Mr. Pringle’s monocled grandfather?

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  1. High Seas….????? Heavy Seas maybe? (who wrote this?). Flying Dog deserves a little credit since they do brew great beers but they are a transplant. What about Union Craft, RAR, Brewers Art, Burley Oak, DuClaw, Full Tilt? Let’s wake up here, someone writing about craft beers needs to at least know what great craft beers we have here.

    Actually the ball park is a great place for the old traditional Boh (although a far second from Nacho Mama’s) but the other real GREAT Maryland beers need to be properly represented as well!!!!

    It would be “ironic” if you at least got the names correct!


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