Former Governor Bob Ehrlich: I’m Not Being Considered for Trump’s Cabinet

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Both of Maryland’s most recent ex-governors have made headlines this week for news relating to top political positions. The first was Martin O’Malley, who today removed himself from contention to lead the Democratic Party. The second was his predecessor, Republican Bob Ehrlich, whose name has popped up in coverage of President-elect Donald Trump gradually forming cabinet.

WBAL-TV reported last night that a source said Ehrlich had met with members of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team and was being considered for a White House position. In response, he told Brian Williams of MSNBC on air that those rumors were “absolutely not true.”

Speaking with Williams, Ehrlich conceded it was possible that the news being shared by sources is true, but he had not been made aware of it. He also said he had not been contacted and hadn’t traveled to meet with Trump. “I work for one of the best law firms in the world and I’m very happy where I am,” he added.

As WBAL-TV noted, there are plenty of other jobs – thousands, actually – that need to be filled before Trump is inaugurated in January. If Trump did pick Ehrlich, a Republican known for working across the aisle in his blue home state, it would certainly be less controversial than his widely criticized choice for chief strategist in the White House.

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