Former Iggie’s Pizza owners land in Towson with Local Pie

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People are always asking each other…what’s your favorite crab cake in town? Burger? Pizza? On that last one, pretty consistently, Iggie’s was my answer. The place was so charming and easy and I flipped for the Cipolla and Funghi pies and so many others. They had thin crust pizzas, San Pellegrino sodas (plus BYOB) and it was dog friendly (love.) It was just easy to go there and feel comfortable. I spent many a Sunday afternoon sitting outside with a friend, pizza and a bottle of vino.

Iggie’s Cipolla Pizza – panchetta, mozzarella, ricotta, red onion confit

And then, word got out that they were moving to Ruxton – that move did not happen, and I was selfishly glad. Then, the move really did happen. They sold Iggie’s and opened up a new shop in Towson, Local Pie.

Why? Well, says Lisa, “We just needed a break. We were in Mt. Vernon almost the years. This location is easier for us.” The couple lives in Stevenson, just outside of the city and keeps chickens and ducks. Lisa and I have bonded over chicken keeping, sharing stories about keeping our girls safe from predators and warm in the winter, egg production and more. As much as I loved having Iggie’s five minutes from my house, I was so happy for Lisa and Peter. Their new location is great – tons of bright, warm light and a nice neighborhood vibe. Regulars come visit for dinner and now the Towson business lunch crowd is catching on.



I’ve been twice since they opened in December 2014 and each time, it’s been very tasty. I’ve had a the mushroom, white and boar + blue pizzas. I hope to try the smashed meatball pie (bison meatballs, fresh mozz, tomato sauce, hot pepper jelly) next time. The menu changes often, as Lisa and Peter are dedicated to in-season ingredients and are sourcing lots of the toppings locally, hence the name, Local Pie. And, this week…(drumroll) they will be serving my Charm City Cook salted caramel brownies! Lisa said, “We want to support local people like you who are creating delicious products right here in Baltimore.” This (very) small business thanks you.

Towson Wine & Spirits is right next door to Local Pie, so hit them up for dinner soon. Or lunch. I won’t judge you if you day drink a little.

Local Pie
8 W. Pennsylvania Avenue

Tues-Sat 11:30-9:00pm


Amy Langrehr

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