Photo via PressBox.

By Glenn Clark

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Torrey Smith returns to Baltimore for his eighth annual Torrey Smith Family Fund Charity Basketball Game at Royal Farms Arena March 30. The game benefits the Torrey Smith Family Fund; tickets can be purchased here or donated to kids.

Before he comes back, the former Baltimore Ravens and University of Maryland receiver joined Glenn Clark Radio for a Q&A Feb. 22 to discuss his continued commitment to charity work in his former hometown, Mike Locksley’s hire and more.

PressBox: You haven’t played in Baltimore since the 2014 season. Why do you continue to come back for charity endeavors?

Torrey Smith: It’s crazy. Now I’ll be going into my ninth year. It will mean I’ve played more games away from Baltimore than I have here when this season starts, which is kinda crazy to think of because it doesn’t really seem like it’s been that long. But this is home for us. We’ll be settling down in this area. To me, you can’t be committed to a city and its people—see the issues and challenges that exist there—and then leave it, if you have a heart. That’s the way I feel with my family. I feel like its part of my purpose to be here. That’s why we come back each and every year.

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