Former Senator Theatre Owner Says State Sen. Assaulted Him

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Tom Kiefaber's booking photo
Tom Kiefaber’s booking photo from an August 2012 trespassing arrest

Tom Kiefaber, former owner of the Senator Theatre, has filed assault charges against state Sen. Joan Carter Conway for allegedly slapping his face and his video camera as he was filming her at a public auction. But in case you’re wondering whether the shoe is finally on the other foot, know that at the end of the incident it was Kiefaber who was in handcuffs.

Kiefaber attended the Nov. 1 auction of his former home on Orkney Road with a video camera. In footage Kiefaber uploaded to YouTube, we see him follow Conway and two men around the house. After one man, visibly agitated, asks him to stop filming, Kiefaber continues. It culminates in Conway swatting at his camera, a big jerky movement, and Kiefaber yelling that he had just been assaulted. 

Kiefaber went on shooting video of the auction until, after refusing a police officer’s order to stop filming, he was handcuffed for the duration of the auction.

Here’s the video Kiefaber shot of the incident, which he says “speaks for itself.”

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