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Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, the Maryland parents who got in trouble with Child Protective Services for letting their young children make the one mile walk from school to home alone, have been cleared of a charge of neglect. But that doesn’t mean their legal troubles are over.

The overturned neglect charge, which was reversed on appeal, stems from the first time the family got in trouble for letting the kids walk home alone. There’s still a second neglect investigation pending; that one stems from the time the kids were picked up by police while walking home from a nearby park.

“We hope this is heralding some sort of change and acknowledgment that kids walking in their own neighborhood, in broad daylight, is not neglect,” Danielle Meitiv told the Washington Post.

According to their laywer, the Meitivs are planning to sue.

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  1. There is no intelligent comment that can be made in support of Child Protective Service in this case, none. Brilliant use of tax money and the court system.

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