A panel of scientists discuss the challenges, promises, hopes, and dangers of stem cell research and the exciting new technologies that have enabled us to explore and even alter the building blocks of life itself. On Wednesday, October 21, join Great Talk and The Alexander Grass Humanities Institute, Johns Hopkins University as they present a Special Community Service Event: Stem Cells: Accessing the Cutting Edge Gene Design and Therapies. Starting at 7pm, the event is free and virtual with registration. Click here to register.

The event will be moderated by William Eggington, Decker Professor in the Humanities, Johns Hopkins University; Director, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute, JHU. Featuring panel of experts include:

Dr. Eric Green, Director, National Human Genome Research Institute at NIH
Diane Hoffmann, Professor of Law; Director, Law & Health Care Program, University of Maryland Carey School of Law
Dr. Anthony Wynshaw-Boris, Chair, American Society of Human Genome; Chair, Dept of Genetics and Genome Sciences at the Case School of Medicine, Univ. of Cleveland Medical Center
Antonio Regalado, Senior Editor, MIT Technology Review

For more information and to register, visit https://greattalk.org/

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