Baltimore Music Fans: Friday Show Double-Whammy Wildness

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Friday night’s going to be a wild one. It’ll kick off at the Current Space Lot and end at some ungodly hour in the Floristree.

Current is holding a double-album release party for Chester Endersby Gwazda and Bamboo. And if that isn’t exciting enough, Future Islands and Believers are playing there too.

Then around 10, the Floristree (top floor of the H&H building) is opening its doors for Dope Body, Doomsday Student, Witch Hat, and Tinsel Teeth. Fortunately it’s only a couple blocks away from Current so it’ll be a quick stroll/run/stumble between the two.

I haven’t seen a line-up this beautiful since Dope Body, Hume, and Roomrunner played the Coward Shoe back in May, and doubt I will again for the rest of the summer. Don’t miss it.



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