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Baltimore Music Fans: Friday Show Double-Whammy Wildness


Friday night’s going to be a wild one. It’ll kick off at the Current Space Lot and end at some ungodly hour in the Floristree.

Current is holding a double-album release party for Chester Endersby Gwazda and Bamboo. And if that isn’t exciting enough, Future Islands and Believers are playing there too.

Current Gallery Commodifies Fine Art


Eighty plus artists (mostly from Baltimore) are showing their work as part of CART at the Current Gallery. CART is a novel gallery show that recreates the atmosphere of a mini-mart. Shelves and magazine stands are filled with affordably priced works that parody items found at a grocery store.

The show’s curators sought to explore the effect of taking something typically seen as an unnecessary luxury (fine art) and selling as if it is a weekly staple. At CART you will find neatly packaged bread tags, fake pies and plastic wrapped “Bob Ross style” paintings among other items. If something catches your eye, it’s likely very affordable. If not, it’s worth the experience of browsing around a bizarro fine art supermarket.

CART is running until Sept 4 at the Current Gallery and can be viewed on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4.