She’s Gonna Make it After All: Restaurant Picks From a Baltimore Gal About Town

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Fresh faced and well-spoken, Meghan McGuire is exactly how you would picture today’s young professional woman – a sort of modern-day Mary Richards (points if you know who that is…hint: she can turn the world on with a smile). The 28-year old Fells Point resident is an associate at Camden Partners, a private equity firm downtown.  Busy as a bee, she spends her free time working toward her MBA, spending time with her boyfriend and juggling an active social life.

All this means she eats out…a lot. Her stomping grounds are the neighborhoods surrounding the harbor and her tastes reflect her hometown girl roots.

Her answers were fresh and fun and in them I found a couple places I am dying to try. How great does a “build your own grilled cheese” sound? Thanks for that one Meghan!

Home cook assessment:

Do you consider Durkee onions and Campbell’s mushroom soup legitimate ingredients or cheating?

As long as you are not eating them directly from their packaging, then yes, totally legit.

Saturday night with your boyfriend: Where do you book? What do you order?


Kali’s Court in Fell’s Point. The atmosphere is great in every season; the patio in the summer and the cozy interior in the colder months. I love seafood so I always listen to the fish specials but in the back of my mind I know that the crab cakes will never let me down.

Where would you take fun friends in from New York?

I’ll have to go with Regi’s in Federal Hill. It has a distinctive neighborhood feel and I have to think that their tater tots would be novel even to a New Yorker.

How about for a celebratory dinner?

MM: La Scala in Little Italy. My order is always the same. Shrimp toast, penne vodka, one connoli to eat there and another one to go.

Where is your go-to place for drinks why?

Is it OK to have several? Red Star in Fells Point has a fun happy hour that can turn into a delicious dinner. The same with Talara in Harbor East. My girl friends and I always have a great time at The Horse (The Horse you Came In On) in Fells.

Any drive-ins, diners and dives?

Captain Larry’s in Locust Point. Nothing fancy, but wow, it is good. Get there early on a Wednesday night for the crab cake special because they sell out every week. Also go for the “build your own grilled cheese” on a rainy day. Delicious.

What new restaurant are you dying to try?

It’s not new but I have never been to Peter’s Inn in Fell’s Point. Someone recently told me that it has the best food in Baltimore.

Where do you grocery shop and why?

Harris Teeter. It’s clean with a large selection and manageable lines.

Is there a food item that you regularly go out of your way to buy?

Cheese. I love trying new and exotic types. The farmer’s market is a great place to sample and buy.

Which Baltimore restaurant has the best vibe?

I’m going with the Prime Rib. I love the throwback vibe of the decor. It’s like one of those glamourous restaurant scenes in Mad Men.

OK, we gotta do it. Best crab cake?

I’ll bet you don’t hear this one often. The Olive Grove in Linthicum. My family has been getting our crab cakes there for years.

Anything on your wish list for the Baltimore food scene?

More waterfront options, please.

Remember, Restaurant Week in Baltimore starts July 27

Gestalt and Pepper is our occasional series on Baltimore restaurant picks from everyday diners.  If you think you have a compelling palate and would like to be featured, contact us at [email protected] 

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