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With Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits cut back to pre-pandemic levels, Giant Food and Baltimore City have partnered to help low-income residents more easily afford fresh produce.

Giant Food announced a partnership with Baltimore City to help recipients of SNAP and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) benefits to save money on their groceries.

According to Giant Food officials, “[t]he program supports access to healthy produce at a critical time as recent federal rollbacks of SNAP Emergency Allotments result in many individuals being challenged to stretch their food dollars even more. This program is made possible by utilizing funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).”

Eligible households will be offered a $15.00 promo code, which will be available through Giant Pickup and Giant Delivers orders placed on Residents can redeem the code up to 12 times over the course of six months for a maximum benefit of $180. The benefit must be used in full each time a participant redeems the code, and eligible items include fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Gregg Dorazio, Director of eCommerce for Giant Food, is looking forward to making healthy produce accessible to those who have trouble finding it and affording it.

“Giant is proud to partner with Mayor Brandon M. Scott and Baltimore City Department of Planning’s Food Policy and Planning Division to offer fruit & vegetable savings to those who need it the most, available through convenient delivery and pickup orders,” Dorazio said. “With the recent conclusion of emergency SNAP allotments, the rollout of this partnership comes at a time of great need and further supports our mission to increase access to nutritious foods and address hunger relief in the communities we serve.”

Michael J. Wilson, Director, Maryland Hunger Solutions, agrees.

“Nearly 150,000 of our Baltimore neighbors are impacted by the hunger cliff. This is an important step to help address the effects of the loss of SNAP Emergency Allotments and support families’ nutritional needs,” Wilson said. “Making sure our residents have access to healthy, affordable food is a step toward combating food insecurity.”

“Our vision is to ensure all Baltimore City SNAP participants have the resources and support they need to achieve nutritional security through both in-store and online purchasing of foods,” said Taylor LaFave, Chief of Food Policy and Planning for Baltimore City. “ARPA funding has allowed us to provide supplemental support for residents to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables while encouraging affordable at-home delivery options for residents living in Healthy Food Priority Areas. These efforts help build a more equitable urban food system.”

Giant Food recently announced another partnership with the Maryland Food Bank, to combat hunger and food insecurity, especially in children. Through that partnership, Giant donated $300,000 to support Maryland Food Bank’s School Pantry Program, which serves between 35 and 40 families per month.

To participate in the Giant Food/Baltimore City partnership benefitting SNAP and EBT recipients, eligible customers can use both the Giant Delivers and Giant Pickup program.

Eligible Baltimore residents who wish to take advantage of the online promotion via Giant Pickup may place their orders for pick up at these nine eligible Baltimore locations:

  • Store 145- 5150 Sinclair Lane, Baltimore, MD 21206
  • Store 159- 3757 Old Court Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208
  • Store 23060 1020 W 41st Street, Baltimore, MD 21211
  • Store 108- 6340-50 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212
  • Store 337- 6620 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21215
  • Store 303- 601 East 33rd St, Baltimore, MD 21218
  • Store 363- 1400 Merrit Boulevard, Dundalk, MD 21222
  • Store 317- 46254 Edmondson Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21229
  • Store 2333- 857 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore City, MD 21230

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