The Gift: Intro to Coffee at Zeke’s

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    The Gift

    What It is: A morning of getting to know all about coffee, taught by the folks who know it best: Zeke’s.  You’ll taste four very different coffee samples while you learn all about this magical elixir that brings so many of us to life each morning. Learn where it grows, how it is processed, and what happens when it’s roasted. Zeke’s offers this class with some regularity, and they are now accepting enrollment for Sunday, February 8th, 9:00am. $20.

    Who It’s Perfect For:

    The Aspiring Coffee Snob: You know your friend who just one day switched to pour-overs, but can’t explain to you why we should all be converting? Or maybe they’re hooked on “cappuccinos,” but you can’t help but notice that theirs always seem to come from Dunkin’ Donuts. Give ’em a little push in the right direction, while gently encouraging a well-rounded understanding of their addiction of choice.

    Out-of-Towners: Baltimore hasn’t always been as epicurean-friendly as it is these days. Now that we’re the kind of town where people can come to be bowled over by local, seasonal, and specialty fare, it’s nice to show off a little. If you’ve got friends or family coming to visit– particularly if they’re coming from a place where “specialty coffee” means it has whipped cream on it– it’s a great activity to plan for them. Zeke’s has local flair, and a Sunday morning class is a great way to keep guests busy and entertained if you can’t be playing host 100% of the time.

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