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    The Gift: Intro to Coffee at Zeke’s



    The Gift

    What It is: A morning of getting to know all about coffee, taught by the folks who know it best: Zeke’s.  You’ll taste four very different coffee samples while you learn all about this magical elixir that brings so many of us to life each morning. Learn where it grows, how it is processed, and what happens when it’s roasted. Zeke’s offers this class with some regularity, and they are now accepting enrollment for Sunday, February 8th, 9:00am. $20.

    Who It’s Perfect For:

    The Aspiring Coffee Snob: You know your friend who just one day switched to pour-overs, but can’t explain to you why we should all be converting? Or maybe they’re hooked on “cappuccinos,” but you can’t help but notice that theirs always seem to come from Dunkin’ Donuts. Give ’em a little push in the right direction, while gently encouraging a well-rounded understanding of their addiction of choice.

    Out-of-Towners: Baltimore hasn’t always been as epicurean-friendly as it is these days. Now that we’re the kind of town where people can come to be bowled over by local, seasonal, and specialty fare, it’s nice to show off a little. If you’ve got friends or family coming to visit– particularly if they’re coming from a place where “specialty coffee” means it has whipped cream on it– it’s a great activity to plan for them. Zeke’s has local flair, and a Sunday morning class is a great way to keep guests busy and entertained if you can’t be playing host 100% of the time.

    Knitting Classes at Woolworks



    catch of the day fish (2)For kids, snow days generally mean sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels, and otherwise getting outside to play in the cold, wet, wintry mix. But as we mature, somehow the draw of indoors tends to get stronger. Plus, even during Snowmageddon a few years ago, Baltimore wasn’t exactly cross country skiing and snowshoeing terrain. So what are we adults to do when the city (maybe) shuts down thanks to a few anticipated inches? Do what the snowed-in have done for centuries: take up a knitting project.

    Cake Decorating Classes from Charm City Cakes


    Charm City Cakes

    catch of the day fish (2)Sad but true: not many of us are destined to celebrate our birthdays (or graduations, or weddings, or anniversaries) with an actual, bona fide Charm City Cake. Those confectionery works of art are just not everyday affairs, unfortunately. But that’s not to say that your homemade versions can’t have all of the decadence and creativity that go into the cakes that put Baltimore’s cake culture on the map. In fact, if you were to attend the whole slew of cake decorating classes that Charm City Cakes has this month, you may well be able to give Duff and company a run for their money by the time you’re done.

    Art and Nature Classes at Eden Mill


    Eden Mill

    catch of the day fish (2)Whether you’re looking for a mid-week jaunt to get the kids outside, or simply want a change of scenery yourself, a trip out to Eden Mill Nature Center is certainly a must at some point this summer. Though temporarily closed for tours due to renovations, the mill is still home to an abundance of art and nature programs for children and teens, and some of the most charming (and fruitful) fishing spots around. If this sounds like what you’re craving, you could head out for Wednesday’s Art with Sticks and Twigs class, aimed at the 4-7 year old set.

    Harbor East’s FIT+ Festival: A Street Project of Sport & Health


    Health and Sport Festival

    catch of the day fish (2)Well, it is officially, absolutely, undeniably beach season. That is to say, it’s swimsuit season. And sure, maybe you’ve been dutifully toning and sculpting since your New Year’s resolution six months ago (um, can we borrow your self-discipline, please?) but then again, maybe not. Of course, the good news is that it’s never too late to get in shape and prioritize your health, and a little really can go a long way toward making you not just look good, but also feel good. And we all know that feeling better makes us look better, too. It’s a chicken and egg thing. And besides, a healthy body isn’t just for the summer—it’s important all year round. That’s why we’re marking our calendars for Harbor East’s FIT+ Festival on Saturday, June 21st. It’s a celebration of all things health. And it is fun (and healthy) for the whole family.

    For the Love of Food: Cooking Classes for Kids and Adults


    For the Love of Food

    catch of the day fish (2)Foodie-ism is all the rage these days. Everyone is going local for produce, meats and dairy, and getting on board the slow, whole food bandwagon. Everyone seems to be fermenting their own pickles and yogurts and infusing all manner of things with who-knows-whats. But if cooking was never quite your thing, you might feel a little out of the loop. For the Love of Food offers a great way to play catch up—in a fun, educational setting that will leave your future dinner guests giving their compliments to the chef (and the chef, in this scenario, would be you).

    Unique Fitness Classes at BeachFit Baltimore


    Fitness Classes

    catch of the day fish (2)If you’re looking to make sure you’re in super shape for beach season, doesn’t it make sense to turn to folks who have the word “beach” in their name? BeachFit Baltimore is a new, and totally unique fitness studio founded by two women who are serious about health, fitness, and helping Baltimoreans sculpt super-buff, climb-a-mountain-with-your-bare-hands-and-then-go-surfing-afterward bodies in a fun, energizing setting. They’ve just opened, and their schedule is jam packed with so many different classes, you’re sure to find something that suits your fitness goals, your personal style, and your busy schedule.

    Swap Meet: Mesh Baltimore Is a One-Stop Shop of Skill-Sharing



    SkillShare (2)
    Martha Simons participates in “Tai Chi Ruler,” which will be taught by martial artist Kini Collins on the November 9th SkillShare.

    If you’ve ever been at the family dinner, out for drinks with friends, or in the break room at work and you’ve shared recipes, computer fixes, or even how to make a crochet stitch, Susan Solberg will be the first to tell you that you’ve just experienced a mesh—a spontaneous, energetic sharing of skills. It’s an idea Solberg, a former history teacher, took to heart when in the summer of 2012 she and Emily Letras created Baltimore Mesh, a potpourri of low-cost classes held in one location once a month. (Solberg now partners with Michele Canapp, who assists in training teachers, networking, and other outreach.)

    “A SkillShare afternoon,” Solberg explains, “Is like sampling an amazing array of tasty, unusual dishes at a terrific restaurant, in the company of interesting, fun new pals.”

    Cake Decorating Classes with the Ace of Cakes!


    CCC classes

    catch of the day fish (2)If you’ve lived in Baltimore for any length of time, you’ve probably had the Ace of Cakes conversation with at least a handful of out-of-town friends and family. “Do you watch Ace of Cakes? I looooove Ace of Cakes!” “Do you know them?” “Have you ever gotten a cake there?” “Really? It’s right down the block from you?” “Everyone on the show seems so quirky and fun!” Etc, etc, etc. And that’s cool. We dig having a nationally renowned cake bakery in our own backyard. And we’re even more into it now that Duff and company have started offering cake decorating classes where we can pick up some tips and skills, and of course, go home with our very own Charm City Cake.

    Date Night at Baltimore Clayworks


    Clay for Two

    catch of the day fish (2)Okay. We admit it. What caught our eye (and hooked us) re: this event was of course the picture posted next to it in the Baltimore Fun Guide. Demi Moore. Patrick Swayze. That scene. Does your memory really need further jogging? If you’ve ever imagined that maybe you could somehow fit into that picture, but wouldn’t know where to begin, Date Night at Baltimore Clayworks is probably a pretty good (and safe) place to start. After all—that scene in Ghost? Super sexy. Getting clay all over the place, becoming frustrated with your partner, your work of art, and yourself? Not so much. So, as with many things, a little guidance from the pros probably wouldn’t hurt.