The Gift: Mom’s One Line a Day

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The Gift

What It Is:  A charming little book with space to record a single thought, a family quote, or a special event each day for five years of motherhood. That’s a lot of space, and a whole lot of mothering– but as any experienced mama will tell you, it goes by so fast. It’s a  beautiful keepsake that will ensure every one of those precious memories will last a lifetime. Available at Trohv. $16.95

Who It’s Perfect For:

Expectant mothers: This one may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that 99% of gifts that expectant and new parents receive are gifts for the baby. Toys, onesies, blankets– you name it. Here’s a gift that is actually for the mother, while acknowledging the amazing journey she’s just beginning. And with how treasured these memories will be, this is a gift that will surely be loved and appreciated for a long, long time.

Super-Moms: It’s true, what they say: every mother is a working mother. And every mother we know is pretty dang busy pretty much all of the time. And let’s just say that the joys of motherhood are more apparent at some times than others. For the Super Mom who’s working to get it all done and keep multiple balls in the air, this gift is a great way to offer her a few moments each day to relax and reflect, and to make sure these precious moments don’t whiz by unappreciated.

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