The Gift: Rorshock in Color

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The Gift

What It Is: A non-competitive game (unless you’re competing for “Best Psyche”) based on the iconic Rorshock psychological tests. However, rather than black inkblots, these cards come in bright, beautiful colors, allowing for infinite responses to each card. The game also comes with a book to help you interpret what your responses might mean. Professional psychoanalyst not included. Available at the BMA Gift Shop. $15.95 (discount for BMA members).

It’s Perfect For:

Awkward Holiday Times: It’s possible that early humans invented games as ways to quell the awkwardness of office Christmas parties, gatherings with distant relatives, and first dates. Maybe. If political disagreements start heating up what was supposed to be a pleasant family evening, or you find you and your coworkers have nothing to talk about beyond last week’s reports, you can easily pull this out of your pocket for some instant conversation. You’ll get to know each other a little better, and without any sense of competition.

Families with Young Children: Kids of course are able to see images in everything—clouds, puddles, thin air. And while kids love to play games, purchasing a game for a family with kids of different ages can be tough. The little one is too young for the math and strategy of Monopoly, but the older one is bored to tears by Candyland. Rorshock in Color works for anyone of any age—and may even be easier to engage with for wee ones, since they’re still so in touch with their imaginations.

Rorshock in Color is available at the BMA gift store for $15.95. For more information, visit

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