GLCCB Plans Move to Charles Village

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glccbWith Baltimore Pride festivities underway, one of the local LGBT community’s primary groups announced a “new chapter.”

The GLCCB is set to move to Charles Village from its current location in Mt. Vernon. The space on the third floor of 2530 Charles St. has more room for offices and community gatherings, as well as better amenities and parking, according to a statement issued by the organization.

“We have outgrown the Waxter Center,” said GLCCB President and Acting Director Jabari Lyles, referring to the building where the organization is currently housed. “Aside from moving away from the many physical limitations of our current space, we are excited to begin a new chapter as a stronger, smarter organization on which our community can rely.”

Due to the organization’s leadership in Pride, the move will happen on August 6.

The move follows a tumultuous period for the organization internally. The move to the Waxter Center itself was criticized after the organization sold its permanent home on 241 W. Chase St.

“The reasons GLCCB lost the building on Chase Street are shameful,” Lyles said in the statement. “I would be remiss to ignore the history that got us here. We have been working tirelessly to prevent old mistakes.”

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  1. So it’s back to Charles Village. Anyone remember when the BGA office was in the 400 block of East 31st St? Or when the first gay health clinic opened up in lower Charles Village on Maryland Ave.?

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