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Golden West Cafe, the eclectic restaurant serving Southwestern food in Hampden for the last two decades, is taking on new investors with an eye toward expanding its current space on The Avenue and possibly opening other locations, co-owner Samantha Claassen said.

The owners are also looking to open a vegan bakery, ideally in Hampden.

As far as the current location, the hope would be to either expand the second-floor office space or build onto the back of the building to add a private event space. On top of all that, the restaurant is aiming to re-establish a presence as a venue for live performances.

“We’re still in the planning phases,” said Claassen. “But they’re very interested, they like what we’re doing.”

According to online business records, the newly formed ownership group, Golden West of Baltimore, LLC, was filed with the state on Nov. 7. The new investors could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Baltimore City Liquor Board today announced the ownership group’s petition to add additional names to the restaurant’s Class B liquor license.

Starting out as a restaurant with seven to 10 tables, Golden West moved to its current location in 2003, after a decade in business. In 2015, the eatery added a walk-up carryout window for on-the-go food options.

It’s a unique feature of The Avenue, and something customers didn’t know they needed until it opened, Claassen said. In that spirit, the possible expansions of Golden West will look to evolve the restaurant’s offerings.

“We just want to continue to do new stuff and expand and grow, and bring new things to Baltimore,” she said.

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