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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan took the high road while discussing President Donald Trump this morning during a radio appearance on Baltimore’s own 98 Rock.

Speaking on the “Justin, Scott and Speigel” show, Hogan bantered about a variety of topics, including his music tastes, his bygone cancer cattle, life in the Governor’s Mansion and – surprise – President Donald Trump.

In the three weeks since Trump stepped into the Oval Office, dozens of Maryland politicians have sided with community members rallying against his immigration policies at protests. However, Hogan was nowhere to be found, which led some to call on him to step up and condemn Trump’s closed-door policies.

“I’m focused on solving Maryland problems,” Hogan said of the pressure. “I have 31 different policy proposals to turn our state around, and the only questions we get [are], ‘Why aren’t you protesting Donald Trump?’ and, ‘Why didn’t you go to BWI to do this or that?’ I don’t see that as my role. I’m focused on our problems here.”

Speaking further about Trump, Hogan told the radio hosts that the same way he wanted President Obama to be success, “I want this president to be successful.”

Hogan famously didn’t support the president’s campaign even after he emerged as the Republican frontrunner last year. On Election Day, he wrote in his own father for president. However, in the weeks after he was elected, the governor said he hopes to work with Trump over at least the next four years.

Most of the interview actually wasn’t about politics. It began with queries about Hogan’s music tastes, a topic more fitting for the hometown rock station. Hogan said he likes “today’s country” and admitted he’s a reggae fan as well. “I’m a very eclectic guy. I like to mix it up,” he said.

Hogan also shared his favorite perks abut being governor (no security check in airports, all-you-can-eat food at the Governor’s Mansion), how his cancer scare changed his outlook on life (for the better), the severity of Maryland’s opioid problem (it’s out of control) and his lack of political experience before becoming governor (he’s an outsider).

Click here to listen to the whole interview, courtesy of 98 Rock sister station WBAL.

Had a great time with @JSS98Rock this morning! Thanks for having me! @98Rock

— Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) February 10, 2017

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