Larry Hogan at State of the State

As Donald Trump’s path to the Republican nomination becomes ever more clear, an increasing number of Republicans are falling in line and offering their endorsements. Not so Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

“I’m not a Trump fan,” Hogan told The Associated Press yesterday. “I don’t think he should be the nominee. At this point in time, I have no idea who the candidates are going to be or who I’m going to vote for.” He went on to say that he hated the whole nomination process, could barely stand to watch the presidential debates, and didn’t think his party had the best candidates.

Perhaps Hogan’s recent brush with death has made him more fearless than other Republicans in expressing his feelings honestly. In any case, his forthright statements are like a breath of fresh air–though the fact that it now feels rebellious for a Republican to speak out against Donald Trump is in itself a little bit depressing, don’t you think?

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