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Big Fish: Gubernatorial Candidate and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz


County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s race for Maryland governor is fueled by his experience as a Baltimore County public servant and an open disdain for the state’s current leadership.

Is Baltimore Open for Business?


One of Governor Hogan’s key messages is that “Maryland is open for business.” 

Saying “NO” to State Center is Saying “NO” to Baltimore


Our community could only watch as Governor Hogan slipped a last-minute agenda item into the final Board of Public Works’ meeting of 2016, pulling the plug on the State Center Redevelopment Project. With little explanation and no public comment, the State of Maryland flushed a project down the drain, taking a lot more down with it than most realize.

Md. Spending Board Votes to Scrap Stalled State Center Project

Photo via Google StreetView

The Maryland Board of Public Works voted today to hit the restart button on the massive State Center overhaul project that has been more than a decade in the making, though a lawyer representing the developer said that’s not going to happen without a fight.

We Don’t Get a Red Line, But We Might Get Another Bay Bridge



Months after returning $900 million in federal funds and declining to built the Red Line through Baltimore, Governor Larry Hogan has another big transportation plan in mind.

Gov. Hogan Speaks Out Against Donald Trump


Larry Hogan at State of the State

As Donald Trump’s path to the Republican nomination becomes ever more clear, an increasing number of Republicans are falling in line and offering their endorsements. Not so Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Cancer, Refugees & the War on Baltimore: The Year in Governor Hogan



Larry Hogan became the 62nd governor of Maryland in January 2015. His first year in office has been quite a doozy:

Gov. Hogan’s Cancer “95 Percent Gone”



Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has had quite a rollercoaster of a year. First, he won a race with the odds stacked against him; then just a few months into his first term, doctors told him that he had an aggressive form of cancer and his body was riddled with 60 tumors. Now, in his first face-to-face interview since he revealed his diagnosis earlier this summer, Hogan told the Washington Post that the cancer was effectively “dead.”

Is Gov. Hogan Declaring a “War on Baltimore”?

via City Paper
via City Paper

Jettisoning the long-awaited Red Line. Releasing a transportation investment map that includes the whole state…except this weird blank spot in place of Baltimore City. A unilateral decision to close the city jail. Is Maryland Governor Larry Hogan really declaring a war on Baltimore, as some critics suggest?

Prime Time TV Ads Target Baltimore’s Crappy Air

Doctors and green groups are advertising on TV calling on Hogan to publish the smog regulations so we can all breather easier.
Clean Air TV ads say more Baltimore residents die from air pollution than from gun violence every year.

You don’t see this very often, TV ads for cleaner Baltimore air!  When did Mother Nature come into some cash? It’s a good thing she’s asking for smog regulations because Baltimore’s air quality is horrendous.