Gov. Hogan’s Cancer “95 Percent Gone”

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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has had quite a rollercoaster of a year. First, he won a race with the odds stacked against him; then just a few months into his first term, doctors told him that he had an aggressive form of cancer and his body was riddled with 60 tumors. Now, in his first face-to-face interview since he revealed his diagnosis earlier this summer, Hogan told the Washington Post that the cancer was effectively “dead.”

Hogan continued to run the state even while undergoing aggressive chemotherapy to fight back against the cancer. He has to take 30 pills a day, and has lost some of his senses of taste and smell. He’s lost his hair –but not any weight, he says. (How he had time for a War on Baltimore amid all that is actually kind of impressive, in a way.) Halfway through his chemo regime after three sessions, the governor says his prognosis is good–very good, even, with 95 percent of the cancer “gone, disappeared, dead.” Of course, with aggressive cancer (or any kind of cancer, for that matter), 100 percent gone would be preferable to 95 percent. Still, early signs are very positive.

“[The doctors] were shocked at the results,” Hogan told the Post. “They were saying, ‘We could not possibly have hoped for a better scan than that.’” Here’s wishing Hogan a long and healthy future.

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