We Don’t Get a Red Line, But We Might Get Another Bay Bridge

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Months after returning $900 million in federal funds and declining to built the Red Line through Baltimore, Governor Larry Hogan has another big transportation plan in mind.

Yesterday, Hogan announced plans to spend $5 million on a study that would look into building another way to get across the Chesapeake Bay. This is important, Hogan said, because traffic is already bad and is likely only to get worse… and it’s not like there’s another way to get across the water. By 2040, so many cars could be trying to make it across that the traffic jams would stretch for 14 miles in the summer, Hogan said. To put that in perspective: The bridge itself is only 5 miles long. Hogan also cited an MTA study of the bridge, which said that it’ll be in good shape through 2065–but there’s no reason to wait until then to start planning for an alternative.

I just have one suggestion as they figure out what the new bridge should look like: Can we please make this one a little less scary?

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