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Leaked maps show potential routes for third bay crossing, though state says list isn’t final

A leaked map of potential routes for a third Bay Bridge crossing, zooming in on options routes close to Baltimore City. Image via Del. Robin Grammer/Facebook.

A full list of options for a potential third Chesapeake Bay crossing is out, though meetings—not to mention, an official, finalized list—are still months away.

Should the Third Bay Bridge Connect Baltimore and Kent Counties?

The Bay Bridge
The Bay Bridge

As long as Gov. Larry Hogan has committed $5 million to study the possibility of building a third bridge crossing the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Reporter columnist Michael Collins has a suggestion for where it should be built.

We Don’t Get a Red Line, But We Might Get Another Bay Bridge



Months after returning $900 million in federal funds and declining to built the Red Line through Baltimore, Governor Larry Hogan has another big transportation plan in mind.

Woman Survives Nightmare Scenario — Car Falling Off Bay Bridge



I am never again going to make fun of those people who pay to have someone drive their cars across the Bay Bridge — hey, I might even join their ranks! — after hearing about what happened to 22-year-old Morgan Lake.

At around 8:30 pm on Friday, Lake’s 2007 Chrysler Sebring was rear-ended (nightmare scenario #1) by a tractor-trailer (nightmare scenario #2) sending her car plummeting off the side of the Bay Bridge into the Chesapeake (nightmare scenario #4), leaving her trapped in a rapidly sinking vehicle (nightmare scenario #5).

It’s Getting (More) Expensive to Drive in Baltimore



Hope you’ve been saving up your dimes and quarters:  as of July 1, commuters can expect to pay $6 (instead of $4) to cross the Bay Bridge, and $4 (instead of $3) to traverse the Key Bridge, the Harbor Tunnel, or the Fort McHenry Tunnel.

Perhaps anticipating an angry public outcry, the Maryland Transportation Authority points out that commuter tolls haven’t been raised since the early 1980s. The toll increases are a part of a $210 million plan to help shore up existing infrastructure. But they also come at a time when gas prices are rising; this week, the Washington Post reported that Maryland may soon have some of the highest gasoline prices in the country. Time to tune up that bike!

Are You Afraid of the Bay Bridge?



I am known to get a little white-knuckled and superstitious when driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The rails are low, the shore seems distant, and it’s easy to imagine my car careening off the side and landing with a splash in the waters below. But the idea of paying someone $25 to shuttle me across — as several thousand people apparently do every year, according to the New York Times — never once occurred to me.