Hope you’ve been saving up your dimes and quarters:  as of July 1, commuters can expect to pay $6 (instead of $4) to cross the Bay Bridge, and $4 (instead of $3) to traverse the Key Bridge, the Harbor Tunnel, or the Fort McHenry Tunnel.

Perhaps anticipating an angry public outcry, the Maryland Transportation Authority points out that commuter tolls haven’t been raised since the early 1980s. The toll increases are a part of a $210 million plan to help shore up existing infrastructure. But they also come at a time when gas prices are rising; this week, the Washington Post reported that Maryland may soon have some of the highest gasoline prices in the country. Time to tune up that bike!

If you find the extra costs frustrating, consider this: back in 1952 when the Bay Bridge first opened, passenger cars paid $2.80 round-trip, plus a $.25 surcharge per passenger — meaning that a car with four passengers would’ve been charged $3.55 for the privilege of crossing the bridge. That’s more than $30 in today’s money. Suddenly, $6 seems like a relative bargain!