Gov. Hogan to Undergo Skin Cancer Treatment, But Says It’s ‘Very Easy to Care of’

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At an informal press conference called Thursday afternoon, Gov. Larry Hogan informed reporters he’ll undergo minor surgery this weekend to be treated for skin cancer.

Doctors recently identified four spots on his body with Basal-cell and squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer, Hogan said. His dermatologist in Annapolis will be cutting them off this Saturday, and he expects to be back at work on Monday.

“This is something that 5 million people a year get,” Hogan said. “It’s very easy to take care of.”

Three years ago, shortly after being elected governor, Hogan was diagnosed with what he called a “very aggressive” form of cancer: stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He underwent 30 days of chemotherapy, three surgeries and four spinal taps, among other treatments, before announcing five months later that he was “100 percent cancer-free.”

He said Thursday his newest ailment is “totally unrelated to the other cancer.” He suspects it’s actually a residual effect of the six years he spent as a lifeguard in Daytona, Fla., earlier in his life.

“It’s basically sun damage, and it’s the output of many years of not protecting myself with sunscreen,” he said.

Amid the somewhat grave news, the governor snuck in a few jokes. He said he’ll be soon be passing out bottles of 50 SPF sunscreen to “everyone I can find,” and that while he will miss no work, next week “it will look like [Maryland Senate President] Mike Miller and I got into a fight, and I’ll have a couple of Band-Aids up there.”

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