Credit: Martin Falbisoner, via Wikimedia Commons.

Governor Larry Hogan today wrote to the members of Maryland’s congressional delegation urging them to set aside partisan politics and work with deliver additional COVID-19 stimulus relief. Read the letter to Maryland’s delegation here.

“With the election behind us, much-needed additional stimulus relief is more urgent and achievable than ever,” wrote Governor Hogan. “The fall surge of COVID-19 will continue to place enormous strain on both our healthcare system and our economy. On behalf of all Marylanders, I urge you to set aside partisan politics and prioritize a new stimulus relief bill in the lame duck session.”

Governor Hogan has launched a state economic recovery initiative to assist restaurants, small businesses, local entertainment venues, arts organizations and Main Streets across the state. The initiative doubles the state’s commitment to COVID-19 emergency economic relief for a total of $500 million. On Thursday, the governor announced $70 million more in relief to protect the health and safety of Marylanders.

“We can and will continue to do more on the state level, but without a new injection of stimulus relief from Washington, the situation will continue to deteriorate for families and small businesses,” the governor wrote. “After all the political gamesmanship and division of recent months, I hope you will agree that this election has provided a mandate for cooperation. Yet, leaders in both houses of Congress have already gone right back to digging in their heels, and no common ground appears in sight. The overwhelming majority of Americans want us to move forward together.”