Governor Hogan Continues War on Baltimore By Sporting Redskins Gear

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There’s been talk about whether Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is engaging in a war on Baltimore by instituting policies that favor nearly every part of the state… except its most populous city. Now Hogan has gone ahead and made it clear that he truly doesn’t care what Baltimore thinks–by proudly flaunting Redskins gear at a Redskins game.

It is our position here at the Baltimore Fishbowl that any self-respecting governor of Maryland should obviously support Maryland sports teams. When Martin O’Malley was governor, he fought to get the state house dome lit purple for a playoff game; he’s called the team “the heart and soul of our state” — which is perhaps a little hyperbolic, but we appreciate the sentiment.

The Redskins, however, are a team based in Washington, D.C., a city that is not in Maryland–even if their stadium is, technically, in our state. Now, Hogan did attend the weekend game for a good cause–he and the Cool Kids Campaign, a childhood cancer organization, brought along four kids who are also struggling with cancer. (September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.) But he could’ve just as easily brought them to a Ravens game, no?

Hogan has also been an outspoken advocate of keeping the team’s controversial name. He could have avoided all the controversy by just being a Ravens fan–no one gets mad about a team being named after a poem, after all!

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  1. I am also a Ravens fan but this article is shameful. Our governor going to a home game in his home state to support a childhood cancer organization is very respectable in my book. Thanks for wasting my time by reading your terrible feature article.

    • Phil– so sorry to have offended you! The article was intended to be tongue-in-cheek — of course we support the governor’s right to root for whatever team he chooses, and it’s awesome that he used the moment to bring awareness to a childhood cancer organization.

  2. Whoever wrote this story should be fired today! This is a pathetic attack on Governor Hogan. I promise you he will be at the Ravens opener in Baltinore and he will be wearing his purple.

    Thank goodness not one will read this pathetic attack on Governor Hogan.

    • You have to admit that the headline was biased. I hope you are reading what people are saying about this on social media! On another note, I hope you and your family are well and you had a great summer! Best, JR

    • Hi JR! Yes, I have seen reactions on social media and I find that those who like Hogan are offended and those who don’t are not! Rachel meant it as light-hearted ribbing and both she and I were surprised at the reaction. (But I am not surprised to see that even when incensed you can’t help but be polite and send good wishes to me and the family! That’s the JR I know! All’s well here. Hope your gang is well, too. Best, S.)

  3. Such a comical article. There are so many things Fishbowl should focus on instead – such as the inept leadership in the State’s “most populous city” which deserves far more criticism than a Governor who appropriately recognized that the D.C. suburbs merit attention,, let alone the fact that he so while promoting a great cause. Put politics aside for a change and focus on what is truly relevant!

  4. Both the Redskins and the Ravens provide an enormous amount of positive economic activity in MD. It’s ideologues like you that have caused so many businesses to move out of MD. Get a clue.

  5. Wow….What a sorry commentary from a writer who needs to do some homework prior to writing such a ridiculous piece. Our Governor, for the first time in many years, is a Governor of the entire State. As you mentioned, the last time I checked Largo is in the State of Maryland. Also, did you note notice that The Ravens opened in Denver to be followed by a game in Oakland. How would you have criticized him if he travelled to Denver on the taxpayers dime? Mr. Hogan did a great thing bringing attention to Childhood Cancer Awareness!

  6. Rachel what Universities and Journalism Schools are you looking at? I’m presuming this is probably the beginning your junior year, possibly your senior year. I hope you chose Maryland or Towson so you will remain in the area contributing your columns. I enjoy your writing.

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