Grand Reopening: Mt. Washington Tavern

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After last year’s devastating fire at the Mt. Washington Tavern, co-owners Dave Litchty and Rob Frisch can proudly announce that they have overcome the odds and reopened their doors to the public.  While they had their soft opening earlier this month, their Grand Reopening is this Wednesday, November 21st starting at 8:00pm.  It has been a long, arduous year for co-owners Lichty and Frisch, so join us in commemorating this momentous occasion with them.  Begin your Thanksgiving celebrations a day early by celebrating the return of this neighborhood treasure.

From the owners:
At this grand re-opening party, the Tavern will provide drink specials and showcase its new, updated menu, along with the re-design of the restaurant. Highlights of the re-design include a new flow to the building; a seasonal deck adjacent to the Sky Bar; a more accessible dining room and bar space; Chesapeake Bay-inspired artwork; bar areas that will pay homage to horse racing, lacrosse and other local sport passions; and the return of the shuffleboard table.

For more information, check out their event posting, or their facebook page.


5700 Newbury Street
Baltimore, MD

Wednesday, November 21st

To give thanks for the return of this beloved Baltimore  institution, and get in the spirit for the quickly approaching holidays!

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