Grit Wants to Give Baltimore Guys More Action Movies

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More stuff is about to blow up on Baltimore TVs. Grit, a new broadcast channel devoted to action movies, will debut soon in Baltimore thanks to a distribution agreement announced Thursday.

The channel, which launched in August, isn’t shy about its quest to attract dudes between the ages of 25-54. To do so, programmers devote the bulk of air time to “Television With A Backbone.” Translation: action movies, war epics, westerns and any other flick that involves heroes narrowly escaping certain death.

Grit is coming to Baltimore through a deal inked by Hunt Valley’s own Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which is the largest owner of local TV stations the country. The launch date has yet to be announced.

For ladies who want gender profiling with their TV programming, Grit’s owners also have a channel called Escape that offers a chance to “Slip Away” with feature films and reruns of Unsolved Mysteries. But there’s no word yet whether that station will be coming to Baltimore, too.

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  1. Why is the picture so out of focus? I watch on channel 24-2 Baltimore and 14-3 Washington D.C. It’s the only channel that has this problem out of 40+ !

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