Gov. Martin O’Malley says he’s not yet sold on hydraulic fracturing, and is waiting until the relevant studies are completed in August 2014 to make up his mind. But why then did he commission a report that seems to lay out recommendations for fracking regulations? That’s what public health advocacy group Food & Water Watch wants to know.

A few days ago, the group released a PDF of a report on hydraulic fracturing titled The Case for Maryland’s Proposed Comprehensive Development Plan Program, which the group says the state Department of Natural Resources plans to unveil this week and demonstrates Gov. Martin O’Malley’s commitment to paving the way for fracking in Maryland, sooner or later.

The report was prepared by John H. Quigley, former head of Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources who — despite acknowledging the very negative impacts of fracking in his home state — envisions a “win-win” for environment and industry in Maryland if only certain safeguards be put in place.