I told you. They’ve just been biding their time, waiting for any excuse to seize our pop-tarts.

I missed this the first time around. A second-grader at Park Elementary was suspended earlier this month for — allegedly — biting at his breakfast pastry until it looked like a gun and making “inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class.”

If we were trying to teach the child a lesson, it might be that the adult world is an irrational mess. The boy has an attorney who is now working to get the non-event expunged from his record, and a very weird bill has been introduced in the state Senate to specifically bar principals from suspending a student who brings in a thing that has an image of a gun on it or else looks like a gun but isn’t one.

With luck, this kid won’t have to live with this on his record. As his attorney points out, “There is no evidence that any other student was frightened by the pastry.”