Halloween Brings Plenty of Fun, But Also Mayhem to Fells Point

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A quieter night in Fells Point

Each year, October 31 presents a chance for not only children and their parents to get dressed up together and chase down candy, but also for adults to pour out in costume for late night fun. Unfortunately, some of that fun down in the popular Fells Point neighborhood was spoiled by violence this year.

For starters, police say a 22-year-old woman was shot in the foot in the 400 block of S. Broadway near Upper Fells Point. She was hospitalized, and police are now looking for a suspect. That happened around 1:50 a.m.

The department also confirms that less than an hour before, three people were stabbed in the 700 block of S. Broadway, down closer to the water near many of the bars in the neighborhood. One of the victims is in critical condition, according to the Sun.

Additionally, a quick social media search produces videos of likely unreported altercations unfolding in the early morning hours in the busy bar district.

Three people stabbed and one person shot in an hour is a poor look for the neighborhood, even on a chaotic night like Halloween. Luckily, police department spokesperson Nicole Monroe said on a phone that police weren’t aware of any other violent incidents in the neighborhood.

Monroe said she didn’t see the night as being out of the ordinary for a neighborhood like Fells Point where late night trouble is common. It was personal issues, not the costumes, that led to the violence, she added. “Unfortunately, people felt the need to act out on their problems through violence,” Monroe said.

While police had plenty to keep them busy last night, DPW employees had plenty of work left for them in the historic harborside neighborhood this morning. An Instagram post from Diablo Donuts showed some of the evidence of litter and wreckage left behind from costumed Baltimoreans’ night out.

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