Hammerhead Shark Pays Brief Visit to Ocean City

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Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.31.37 PMA hammerhead shark made only a brief stop in Ocean City this week. It was enough to keep beachgoers out of the water, but it turns out that the shark was in distress.

The shark was spotted near the busy beach, and officials determined it was 8 ft. long and 300 lbs. While the hammerhead rammed boats, it wasn’t because of smelling blood. Maryland wildlife officials determined the shark was likely injured or pregnant. That would explain the unusual behavior, as scalloped hammerheads are endangered and not often seen near humans.

Nevertheless, there’s never a time you want to be near a shark. Leave that to the pros.

By Thursday night, the beaches were once again safe as the shark moved onto Assateague Bay.



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