Hampden Pizzeria Is Evicted, Ceases Operations

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Photo via Yelp
Photo via Yelp

Angelo’s Pizza in Baltimore boasted “the world’s biggest slice” on its sign. Alas, that questionable claim is no longer true; as the Baltimore Sun reports, the Hampden pizza place has been evicted from its Keswick Street building, and has no plans to re-open.

Photo of the "world's biggest slice" via Yelp user Rosemarie H.
Photo of the “world’s biggest slice” via Yelp user Rosemarie H.

According to the pizzeria’s owner, the landlord booted Angelo’s out after the two sides couldn’t agree on a lease. In the middle of business hours, the sheriff came to kick out customers and padlock the front door. Not exactly a smooth exit.

Did I mention that Angelo’s owner’s name is Angelo Pizza? Yes, you read that right. (And it causes all sorts of amusing lines in the Baltimore Sun’s article: “This time, Pizza said, it looks like the end of Angelo’s.”) In any case, we send our best wishes to Mr. Pizza — with a name like that, I sincerely hope he finds a new place to sling his slices.

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    • That was a memory I had with my mom, I feel like a part of me is gone. I will surely miss Angelo’s , but more importantly miss another memory of my mother. Rip mommy I will never forget the memories I had , thank the god above my babies got the chance to know what a great place Angelo’s was. Gone but memories not forgotten .:(

  1. Classic story of a small businessman vs the greedy landlord.(most mom and pop’s can’t afford corporate franchise rent)
    I loved the steaks and subs from Angelo’s.Always fresh and
    very affordable.

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