Hampden Store Owner Uses Machete to Chase Off Robber

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yourchoiceWhen confronted with a robber, Your Choice Market owner “Gloria” relied on a simple fact: She had a bigger knife.

According to Fox45, Gloria (who didn’t give the station her last name) was confronted by a robber with a knife at her W. 36th St. food market. Smelling fear, she then pulled out a machete that happened to be lying around.¬†This caused the robber to drop his knife, and flee the store on his bicycle.

Whether she was using the Friday the 13th fear factor or just happened to have a gardening tool lying around, on this occasion it seems to have worked.

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  1. I know the sign says, “organic” and has a slew of ethnic foods on it, but i only see Cheetos and grape soda when I look through the window. It’s a crazy world.

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