Hampden’s New CinéBistro Offers Luxurious Dinner and a Movie at the Same Time

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Friday is date night. You’ve got a sitter and a couple hours free, but you can never decide between dinner on the town or a good movie in the dark with your sweetie.

It costs too many precious babysitter hours to do both. Or perhaps you worked all day, and you want to be in bed at a reasonable hour. You just don’t have time to do both anymore. Or do you? What if you could go to dinner and a movie all in the same place?

Leather Recliners at CinéBistro

CinéBistro is an upscale restaurant that just so happens to be a movie theater at the same time. Guests take their seats, place their dinner orders, and eat delicious, freshly prepared meals while watching the latest Hollywood productions. The luxury seven-screen theater rolls back the curtain February 24th at the newly renovated Rotunda in Hampden. Catering to the 21+ crowd, the restaurant offers an extensive wine list, and signature, film-inspired cocktails. Menu items like pan seared salmon, kale salad with pickled shallots, and Key lime creme brûlée donuts will erase any nostalgia for movie snacks of yore (which are also available for the traditionalists). Nor will you pine for traditional movie seating. The cozy, oversized leather recliners you will dine in are the ultimate in comfort. Each comes with a fold-down dinner tray.

For the grand opening weekend, and likely all weekends going forward, the theater expects large crowds. It is highly recommended that you book tickets ahead of time. But you’ll have been planning this special night all week, so that’s no problem. Arrive 30 minutes early, so as to find your seat, and avoid panic-ordering an inappropriate food pairing: you may weep into that shrimp mac-n-cheese. Be sure to keep track of your napkins, and order extra pinot noir to help you through.

Are you going to spill Ahi tuna tacos on your date night outfit? You bet you are. Simply choose prints and patterns that hide stains well or layers you can spill on and remove. But do dress up. This is your night on the town, and you’re in for a luxury experience at CinéBistro, the nicest restaurant you’ll ever visit where you can still get away with eating what falls on your lap. And you don’t even have to make small talk while waiting for your drink. As for the film…you’ll have something to discuss over breakfast.

CinéBistro’s grand opening is Friday, February 24. The theater is located in the recently renovated Rotunda Mall. 727 W 40th St. Baltimore, MD 21211. For more information, and to reserve your tickets, visit cinebistro.com/rotunda

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