Hampden made the list of the 20 Hippest Neighborhoods in America, along with places like Silver Lake in Los Angeles (which took the number one spot), East Austin, Texas and Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  The criteria? Walkability, coffee shops per capita, the assortment of local food trucks (The Gathering happened in Hampden just last night!), the number of locally owned bars and restaurants and the percentage of residents working in the arts.

Here’s what the editors at Forbes had to say about Hampden:

15. Hampden, Baltimore, MD

Home to the annual “Hon Fest,” where women tease their hair in 1960s-style beehives, Hampden embodies retro cool. Bars, restaurants and independent coffee houses co-mingle with two-story rowhouses harking back to the neighborhood’s days of mills and factories. Every year the neighborhood celebrates Christmas with a “Miracle on 34th Street” decoration spectacle in which residents adorn their abodes with thousands of lights.

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