Happy Veteran’s Day, “Homeland” Fans

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If you happen to love the CIA-centered Showtime show “Homeland,” readers, you might love this sketch every bit as much.

Many smart critics are raving about Anne Hathaway’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig this weekend — and I couldn’t agree more. The “Homeland” bit’s dynamite, if you know the program, with Hathaway broadly mimic-mugging Claire Dane’s nearly over-the-top, come-and-go cry-fests to a T. Nasim Pedrad meanwhile nails “Dana,” Bill Hader kills as “Saul,” the cork-board cameo scores, and “Carrie’s” beloved jazz makes an interesting appearance.

I salute the sketch and the fine dramatic show, the latter of which honestly makes me more thoughtful about (and respectful of) the role of the U.S. soldier in such complex days as these…  And I dig the fact that American-made “SNL” keeps cooking up good bits this late in the game. Hip, hip, hooray.

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