This Halloween gave Greenmont Avenue its fifth fatal shooting since March 2009. That’s four at Yau Brothers carryout and one at a gas station. According to an article in The Sun, business owners are divided in their opinions of who’s to blame and what can be done.

Casey Jenkins, owner of the restaurant Darker Than Blue, is fed up with the violent crime on Greenmount, and blames what he sees as the city giving up on the neighborhood for the stagnant situation.

David Stahl, owner of Pete’s Grille, “worries” about the neighborhood’s reputation and the effect that might eventually have on business, but blames a lack of resources, not interest, on the part of the city.

After the Halloween killing, Police Maj. Sabrina V. Tapp-Harper has assigned a one-officer foot patrol to Greenmount Avenue. But she says, “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to make it last.”