Have a Very Baltimore Christmas

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By now, you’re probably sick of all the holiday songs on the radio/in the stores/everywhere you turn. But can we suggest one minor Baltimore-themed tune to get you back in the spirit?

Yes, “Crabs for Christmas” by David DeBoy, the 1981 classic with the signature Bawlmer-accented “oohhhh, I want crabs for Christmas.” If you haven’t heard it recently — or ever — I recommend the video above, which is from the Maryland Public Access TV show “Crabs.” Amazingly enough, DeBoy managed to use his novelty song as a springboard to a career in media, which most recently resulted in appearances on “The Wire” and “Veep.”

For a little more local holiday magic, take five minutes to watch the video above, which features footage from the 1963 Christmas parade. Check out those foxy baton twirlers!

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  1. Gotta love the “Crabs for Christmas” video, but the real surprise was the footage from the 1963 Christmas parade — what a flashback! Loved the footage, and especially loved that the music, which was added by the son (or at least it looks that way)? Thanks!

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