Heist! (Attempted)

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When it seems I can’t help but be inundated with stories of violent crime at every turn, it’s refreshing to read about a good, old-fashioned historical document heist. Golly, it’s almost quaint.

According to an article in The Sun, Barry H. Landau and Jason Savedoff were caught attempting to steal documents from the Maryland Historical Society on Saturday, including invitations and programs to presidential inaugural balls and documents signed by Abraham Lincoln.

Can a criminal really make his living stealing such non-essentials in a recession? Is our economy on an upswing? Maybe not. It’s possible that the alleged would-be burglars were stealing the documents simply to have them—Landau already boasts an impressive collection of presidential memorabilia and the like.

On the other hand, theft is reportedly on the rise at historical archives, where security has generally been known to be lax. The National Archives in Washington even has a website devoted to descriptions of missing documents and artifacts. Take a glance—the list is surprisingly long! (Oh, and by the way, if you were thinking of buying former President George H. W. Bush a 70-pound, 99.9 percent pure silver statue of a man on horseback to replace the one he lost, don’t bother. It has been recovered!)

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