“Hello From Highpoint” Finds from the Annual Furniture Market

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Each year, designers, shop owners and home decor enthusiasts descend upon High Point, N.C.  for a week of home interior heaven.  From furniture to fabrics, design and artistic swagger, if you are into furniture, this is your mecca.  For those of us who have never had the pleasure of experiencing all that the American furniture industry has to offer,  Shop Owners and Designers  Pamela and Brent Berwager put to work their eye for the interesting to share some of their favorites.  Check out their finds-


Notes from Pam & Brent:

At the Fall 2013 High Point Furniture Market there was a lot to see, and one of the best shows we’ve seen in awhile, due to the wide range of looks that were on display. A focus on individual style, rather than a cookie cutter approach, was so refreshing.


Some trends do continue from past seasons: Large dramatic pieces of scrubbed wood with an old world feeling continue to be shown.  Paired with accessories that, while oversize in scale,  often add a touch of humor or whimsy that holds stuffiness at bay




In contrast, color was everywhere.  While malachite green and cobalt blue are big trends this  season,  there was hardly a shade in the pantone deck that wasn’t represented… lacquered finishes in bright clear tones were everywhere.



We were very happy to see the return of sophisticated but smaller scale furnishings as well.


Chinoiserie with a modern edge in accessories and small case pieces looked fresh and wonderful, as well as the large ginger jars and Asian-inspired ceramics that we saw in showroom after showroom.


All in all, this Market reaffirmed that the furniture and design industry is alive and thriving.

highpt fall2013-1

Visit Pam and Brent’s shop to see more of their finds, and to learn more about their High Point experience.


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